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Cargador DELL Pin Fino Notebook Original

$ 1151 Oferta - Contado

Marca: DELL

---Output: 19.5V/2.31A 45w

---Input :100-240V 50/60Hz 

---Connecter size:4.5mm * 3.0mm,with central pin inside

---Outlet: 3-prong

----compatible with : LA45NM140 LPS 0KXTTW 0285K 00285K HA45NM140 HK45NM140 YTFJC DA45NM140

---Compaitble with: 

For Dell XPS 13-9343 XPS9343-6364SLV Notebook/Laptop 
for Dell Inspiron 15-7558 P55F001 Notebook

For Dell Ultrabook XPS: XPS 12 XPS 13

For DELL 13D-148 
For DELL 13D-138 
For DELL 13D-148 
For DELL P29G Series

For DELL P29G, 13D-148 13D-138 13D-148D P29G Series 
For DELL XPS 12 L221X Ultrabook 
For DELL XPS 13-L321X XPS 13-L322X 
For DELL JHJX0 0JHJX0 312-1307 LA45NM121 FA45NE1-00 LA45NM131 DA45NM131 AA45NM131 3RG0T 03RG0T JT9DM PA-1450-66D1 450-18066 450-18463 RFRWK 
For DELL XPS13-9001sLV XPS13-7000sLv XPS13-40002sLV XPS13-925sLV 
For DELL P29G XPS13D-2708 XPS13D-2701 XPS13D-2608 XPS13D-2508 XPS13D-2501 XPS13D-128 XPS13D-138 XPS13D-148 321X-0267 
XPS13-9001sLV XPS13-6928sLV XPS13-7000sLV XPS13-40002sLV XPS13-925sLV XPS13-4040SLV XPS13-0015SLV 
For DELL XPS L321X,XPS L322X P29G Series 
For DELL XPS Duo 12 - 9Q23 Ultrabook 
For DELL XPS 13 3RG0T 03RG0T PA-1450-66D1

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